TMC Sticker Set - Canadian Classics

TMC Sticker Set - Canadian Classics

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Bring a piece of the Textile Museum home with you! This vinyl hooked rug sticker set from our Permanent Collection is a great souvenir of your visit for yourself or your loved ones.

High quality and water-resistant, perfect for laptops and water bottles.

Includes three stickers of rugs representing iconic Canadian animals.

Polar Bear Sticker

3.00" x 2.91"

7.6cm x 7.4 cm

Grenfell Mission, Newfoundland and Labrador after 1935

Silk or rayon, cotton, burlap, hooked

Courtesy of the Council for Canadian-American Relations/American Friends of Canada through the generosity of Mrs. Georgina M. Bissell, T2009.26.1


Geese Sticker

3.00" x 2.25"

7.6cm x 5.7 cm

Grenfell Mission, Newfoundland & Labrador, 1940

Wool, cotton, burlap, hooked

Gift of Max Allen, T83.0076


Beaver Sticker

3.00" x 2.08"

7.62cm x 5.28 cm

Ontario, 1940 - 1960

Cotton, rayon, synthetic, burlap, hooked

Textile Museum of Canada, T79.0045